Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hello again: 

Please be patient. We have been having some problems with WebCT in different ways. Not all of you were loaded, even though some of you signed up early. I hope this is corrected by the end of the week. I have had trouble opening your documents--no fault of yours. I was having problems corelating the grade points with the Course Management. I talked to the administrator and got some help. This week we should ALL be on board. I am not cutting points if you were late because of any of these problems. Some of you are still having trouble understanding that you must submit all your assignments via the Submit Assignments Box. This is the only way that I can grade in WebCT. Please try to submit this way and if you still have a problem come in and get some help. Send me email ! Send email within WebCT also. I hope you have all purchased the text book by now. Keep up with your readings. The point is to get a firm understanding of e-research. Get the most out of the course to this end, don't just send in assignments, learn, learn, learn...see you online!

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