Sunday, February 26, 2006


The quality of light in California is something I mentioned in my last blog. It still fascinates me. I mentioned this to Natala and she said that when she was driving around in Turkey, a few years ago, she noticed that the light there reminded her of California. Something about the slant, the golden shades, the dancing reflections off everything. Sure enough, I checked on Turkey and it lies between almost exactly the same meridians as California--36 degrees N to 40 degrees N. Pretty amazing. However, the total eclipse of the sun on the 29th of March will occur in Turkey but not in California. The path of the eclipse also crosses parts of Africa. Some globetrotter in our family will probably get there but unfortunately not us this time! We're still jetlagged from our trip to Australia and NZ (that's en zed not zee, ok?) But, if anyone is asking, dislocated but not disassociated family members this week are: Natala in New York, Jessica in Seattle, Amy and Bryant in Costa Rica. Hope you are on the mend, Amy, from your skiing accident in Oregon.

The picture of Brizzie above is taken to show the slanting light in our living/dining room in the California winter, which is hardly a winter. Brizzie is only allowed on the couch for photographs, in case you're wondering.

I had dinner at our favorite dosai place, mentioned in last week's blog below, with Steve and Natala, Sheila and their dad, Will. Nice to meet Steve.

I'm adding a Culture section to the Links column. Note new links, added alphabetically. I will add movies and books that I read or see and recommend. I may mention them in my blog but I'm not going to review them as such. I suggest you go to Amazon Books and read their Editorial Reviews which are professional reviews that we often check when ordering books for the library. For movies go to the Internet Movie Database and check their Plot Outlines and their Comments and Ratings. I've also managed to add a search capability to my blog so you can seach it now.

I've added a Sudoku link. Am I hooked? Not yet, still doing the eazies, Marg. But, I'm working on it. Mum's on to them. Bill's doing the harder ones.

Until next week--Cheerio!

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