Tuesday, January 31, 2006

ok already, THE PARTY! 

Grandma entersThe PARTY had to be on the 28th because of Margo's many appointments although Grandma Isabel's birthday is actually on the 7th--more about that later. The friends and family gathered. Check the alt tags for names of people in pictures. (Lay your curser gently on the picture to see the tag--if you click on the picture it will enlarge the picture.) We decided to hold it at Margo's warehouse/office The Lace Place because it had A/C, chairs, a large room. The table was spread--potato balls, vindaloo, butter chicken, yellow rice, lavash sandwiches, more sandwiches, sausage rolls, etc.etc.etc. and cakes--small cakes, sliced cakes and THE BIG CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE! Jenny's flowershalf the table

Some of the guests: Jean and Jeff
Jasmine and Jemal
Joan and Paddy
david roberts said the graceFreda, Beryl and MavisThere had to be a sermon, too! Don But, Mabel gave the best toast! Mabel and Mum

Jackie and Lionel came up from Sydney and helped a lot.
Jackie (new spelling!)Lionel

It was given by Joy, Margo, Eric and Jenny(who attended on SKYPE next time a holograph!) Margo JoyEricJenny on SKYPE

Grandma's old passports and teaCakeand, don't forget the big chocolate cake!

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