Thursday, June 14, 2007

Queen's Birthdays 

New Zealand was so beautiful, four seasons in a day. I watched Miranda play soccer in the rain, sunshine, wind and balmy weather all in one game! It was the Queen’s Birthday holiday, which would be repeated in Australia the following Monday. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is actually in April—go figure!

We met up with former Breeksite, Florence and husband Campbell. I made Eric’s Veggie Curry and it worked. It was a good night. Before leaving Mountain View, I had lunch with co-Breeksite, Muriel from England. Florence and Muriel were best of friends in school. I was able to have them talk on the phone.

My sister-in-law, Marg, took us all on a trip to Waiheke Island to have lunch at the Mudbrick Winery. It was incredibly scenic. We went by ferry and it was sunny and rained, too. Holly is graduating from Mt. Albert Grammar aka MAG, in November. Jemma is 15 and Miranda just turned 13. All teenagers. Eric is in Las Vegas giving an O2V training and flying to Florida, S. Carolina, Georgia and maybe Minnesota, who knows?

Queen’s Birthday again, I arrived in Brisbane to their winter, sure 73F—not a cloud in the sky. Finally, assuaging the draught it rained for two days. Jackie was up from Sydney and Margo took us to the
2007 Australasian Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention & Expo—Robin, you would have loved it!

Another friend from Breeks’ days, Gwen—who I hadn’t seen in fifty years—up from Turner's Beach, Tasmania for a few days. I knew her when I was eight at the Royapuram Assemby in Madras. It was so good to see her and give each other some positive reinforcement that circumstances hadn’t given us time for at Breeks in 1957. Full circle.

Gwen and Joy perform the dosai ritual in Fortitude Valley.

The DOSAI RITUAL: Find a place that makes and sells dosais, order dosai, chow down--best with friends who have good dosai memories.

Met up with Howard Bath and his sister, Lynn and husband, Warren and their mother, Vida who was a Salvation Army missionary in India in the 1960s. Howard went to Lushy and Lynn to Hebron International School. Indian food was de rigor.

Talked to Glenyss who lives in Melbourne (Breeks '57). Nice to hear from her daughter, Margie, who is working in the Khana Tiger Reserve now. Love to visit there some time. Talk about far from the madding crowd, that’s it.

I'm enjoying the time with my Mum and sister, Margo but did I mention my Mecca here? Indooroopilly Shopping Town. It is 3 floors anchored on one end by a megaplex for movies and at the other by the Myers department store. It’s a good place to take a somewhat staccato walk (ha ha) checking the end of season sales in every store and Gloria Jean in the Food Court, OMG! Oops, I forgot, I’m in Plymouth Brethren territory here, OMGGMe, Goodness Gracious, get it? Check out Lauren Myracle’s (Internet Girls series) books: ttyl, l8r, g8r, and ttfn. Those are the titles, honest! (

We were the 700th ladies who attended Tea with Queen Victoria at The Lace Place (TLP). Unfortunately, Queen Vic could not attend. Margo expounded on Victoriana and taught a lace craft (and sold her lace crafts). See more pictures on Flickr.

Congratulations to Shannon, Brian and Holland for their new baby, Truman. They make Alice a double grandma this year. Truman and our grandson, Devin, will be real cousin-brothers born so close together and both in Portland, OR.

My moto: FFFF--that's Family, Friends and Fun first.

(thanks, Jemma) WORD: capisce--(pronounced cah-PEESH) is an Italian word that is used in slang to say "got it" or "understand".


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