Friday, February 17, 2006

We're baaaaaak! 

In beautiful California--where the weather is always just right. There is a certain quality to the light in California, it just seems to glow. Bill and I enjoyed Valentine's Day dinner at our favorite dosai restaurant, Saravana Bhavan, in Sunnyvale. Saravana BhavanJoy and Bill It was 70F the day I got back from Australia with the sun shining, as it does over 200 days a year, but now its a bit colder and a bit rainier but still wonderful! Brizzie, Tuvi and Little Cat were all just fine. Brizzie in crate
AngelSpring is thinking of coming around. Oranges are ready to harvest in the backyard, iris', birds of paradise and hibiscus are coming out...orange tree

bird of paradisehibiscus

Fresh flowers are on the living room table (ala Bill) and even the wildcat ocelot orchid in the kitchen window is still blooming. flowersorchid

God’s in his heaven—All’s right with the world(Robert Browning)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jasmine--wherever you are!

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