Saturday, June 30, 2007

Au Revoir, Australia! 

Brisbane has been really nice for the past month. I rested, read, gave my mother her dinner on a tray (not that she needed it but at that time of day she’s in TV-land). Met with friends, cousins, cousins of cousins, went to the ocean twice (the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast). Dropped by the Lace Place, was entertained by a Victorian Tea, Dosai fests, more dosai fests. Remembered Dad. Visited the spectacular Outback Spectacular on the coast. Nice rendition of the Man from Snowy River. Loved it all. Especially, the massages at the serene Marriott's rooftop Dome Retreat with use of their pool looking over the city of Brisbane and the Brisbane River.

The Chi Link Center at Indooroopilly was also a practical alternative. Shopped. Did I mention that I shopped? Ate custards, savory muffins, lemon tarts, pavlova, lamb curry, Irish stew, almond biscottis, caramel slice, almond slice, Laksa, crunchy corn flakes?! Took Mum's friend, Mabel, to the Hilton buffet.

Had heaps of people over for lunch and dinner (Tea in Australian).
Attended the dedication of Eva (Christine and Jon's one year old) out in Nanbour in the Sunshine (pineapple) coast area.
Jon and Christine Sheehan Walton and baby Eva.

One thing I like about Australia is that all the numbers are smaller. Weighing yourself in Kg is a much smaller number than lbs and in Stones its even smaller! Good to counteract the constant refrain from Mum to “Eat my child! I love to see my children eat!”

But now it is coming to a close. My bags are packed, a little heavier. I had a last coffee at La Dolce Vita, said goodbye to Amy and Libby at the Lace Place. Took a picture of The Nun on Milton Rd and a walk by the Auchenflower dog park, again. I don’t know when I’ll be back to Brisbane. Soon, I hope. Mum: stay healthy and feisty for me. Love to all here in Oz.

More Personal Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sheila! Miss you out here but will catch up with you in a couple of days. Happy Birthday to the twins: Jessica and Jeffrey. Bharat ke Jai--they’ll be there by the end of the year, although I don’t know if you can count staying at the Oberoi in Bangalore as really being in India! But, thanks to Microsoft, it will be a nice retreat from the hustle and bussle that we know is the real India. Take a walk down MG Road.

“There is a young girl in me who refuses to die.”
—Tore Ditlevsen

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