Sunday, September 14, 2003

Thank you to those students who have sent me their biographies. We have students from Hong Kong and Cambodia and those who have from 2-5 children and work full time, too. Take care to pace yourselves. I am always amazed at how much my students can accomplish. I have graded Assignment 1 for Connie, Arthur, Jose and LaMeshia. Comments are written into the grade so click on it. Let me know if you have problems finding the comments.

I hope to hear from the rest of you this week. Be sure to write more than one paragraph (but not a whole book!). Most of our lives could fill a book, but save that for your English classes. Please share your biographies with at least two other students via email in WebCT. Get to know the students in the class so you don't feel all alone in your virtual classroom.

ASSIGNMENT 2: BROWSERS Write at least 4 items about Internet Explorer. Study the tutorial at the University of Albany. You can substitute the LYNX text-only web browser for Netscape or you can read about Netscape Navigator 7.1 from the Netscape network. You can also download Netscape from this site.

Check the Discussion List area and post your choice for our next governor. Do some research and don't pick someone that has already been written about. Give us some variety. You can vote for whomever you want when you go to the polls. If you cannot vote, please still enter the discussion. The results will effect us all.

Coming up, WEEK 3! Don't get left behind! :-)

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