Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Today we had twelve students attend the Orientation. This was great! You are ahead of the class and can begin your assignments. I have given Admissions and Records the names for the adds and they should be processed ASAP. Check back on Thursday to see if your name is uploaded and try to enter the class. Thank you to John and Balbir for submitting your pre-assessment survey to me today! Good for you! The one thing that is most important in an online class is to keep up with the material. Don't forget about it ,and then wake up in the middle of the semester, because you will be way behind! My next Orientation is tomorrow, Wedesday at 6 PM. If you have questions, remember that I will be available in the library from 5 PM. I have another class (Biology 64) coming in at 8 PM tomorrow. I hope you all have fun and enjoy the class. :-)

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