Sunday, December 14, 2003

End of class 

Presentations: If you have uploaded your presentation please submit a sentence saying “I have uploaded my presentation in Presentation 2” in the Submit Assignments box in order for me to post a grade. The public posting is to share with the class. I have received and viewed the presentations of Kathleen Cavelli, Balbir Ladhar and Catia Mendonca and Simon Lai—please check your emails re. these presentations. Thank you for completing and uploading them.

This is also true of the Discussion. You have to submit, even a sentence for me to enter the grade. Otherwise, I will have to enter it on paper and you won’t be able to view it. OK, I see that none of you have submitted your discussion in the Submit Assignments Boxes, too. I will assign the grades on paper but you will not be able to see it. Everyone who has posted in the discussion area for the Plagiarism, Netiquette and USA PATRIOT Act discussions will get 10 points for each of these postings. The Discussion on Censorship is the same as the PATRIOT Act, I’m sorry if there was some confusion in this case.

I will finish grading the Test 2 on Monday and you should be able to see the grade in Get My Grades. Both Tests are closed. I will post the Test 2 results on this blog, too, as it might not show in My Grades. I have noted that where some questions request two answers webct is only accepting one.

Please complete the End Survey, only 2-3 people have sent that in so far. This is part of class participation and will not be graded. They are sent to me without your name but I can check the list to see who has sent it in or not.

Please check this blog site next weekend for final results. Come into the Library this week if you need help in any way to complete the class. I will be there on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. I hope you have enjoyed this online experience. It takes a lot of discipline to complete an online class. Congratulations to those of you who have followed the instructions and finished all the assignments and readings. Have a nice break and best wishes for your success in 2004 ! --Joy Chase

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