Saturday, February 14, 2004

Beginning Survey 

Welcome to my class blog and to Electronic Research. I am happy to have all of you in my online class. LIB015

We are ending Week One on Sunday. Please send in your homework which is a few paragraphs about yourself. First write it on MS Word and then send it via the Submit Assignments box within WebCT. Don't send it to my email and don't send it only via WebCT email. Submit it in the Assignments box so that when I post a grade you can see it in your Get My Grades.

I have opened the Beginning Survey under Tests and Surveys. Click on that link and then on the Beginning Survey and answer the questions. Please don't feel you have to know all the answers to these questions. It is just a test to see what the level of the class is. You will not be graded on your answers but this survey and the End Survey will be included as your class participation for extra credit.

Please note the Drop dates that I have added to the Calendar in WebCT. The last day to drop is April 29. Students who have not participated by that time will be dropped by me. Try to keep up with the class so that you don't have problems later on.

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