Sunday, March 21, 2004

Today, we are in WEEK 7 

This is the Information Competency week. Come into the Library and go through the CD ROM that is loaded in the ERA. Work through the tutorials given you, especially the CSU Information Competence tutorial. Did you know that information Competency is now a graduation requirement at most CSUs? It is also known as Information Literacy. You need to know what it is. By taking this course, and working through the tutorials, you will become an information literate student.

I will be available at the Library this week on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. Please come in and get some help, if you need it. I will be out of town this weekend Friday through Monday. TEST 1, your first quiz, will be open from Sunday March 29 to Sunday April 11, no extensions. Please look through the test and come in next week if you have questions. The college will be closed for Spring Break April 4-11. (I will be checking my email during the break sometimes.) You have an extra week to take the test because of the break so try to finish it early and have a good Spring Break, too.

Check in at the Discussion Area. Many students have not posted their opinions yet. This is an important aspect of electronic communication along with email and Instant Messaging and Chat. All of these are being utilized in work situations and is expected of employees today, so here's your chance to practice!

I can't stress enough the importance of catching up with your assignments and getting to Assignment 7 before you take the test next week. Only a couple of students have posted their Week 6 Assignment on a Famous Person. Please work on your assignments and submit them soon.

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