Saturday, December 11, 2004

"Live" Chat 

For the "live" chat today, please go to Live Chat in your Communicate section and click on the icon. This will open the WebCT Chat window. Read the text posted in this window regarding the freedom of speech. Then click on Room 4 Intellectual Freedom. You will enter the "room". A dialog box opens called the Output Interaction Box. Here you will be able to read the ongoing discussion postings. To the right of the dialog box is a section: Users Logged on. You should see your name there and any other names of people logged on at the same time. However as this chat is recorded, you can go ahead and post statements and respond to others even if you are alone and cannot actually see much of the rest of the script. Write in the box titled Enter Your Message Below and press enter to send. I will post the log of the chat later for all to read and I will give credit to everyone who enters and writes some opinions on the subject. Don't worry if you cannot see anyone else in the room because I am allowing this chat to be asynchronous. I have tried each semester to have a synchronous chat but it seems impossible to get students together simultaneously. I will randomly check in and then will close the chat on Sunday after 8 PM and post the log on the blog.

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