Saturday, March 26, 2005

WEEKS 6 & 7 and TEST 1 

Happy Easter! I hope you are all enjoying this Spring Break. Please continue with your Week 6 assignment to write about a Famous Person and cite your sources.

I have opened Test 1 and it will remain open until April 7. Please send me email if you have questions. The Test is based on your readings. I am posting a corelation between the 3rd edition and the 4th edition of your textbook so that you can work with either edition. It is an open book (and open Internet) test, however, I suggest you print out the questions (check that the wrap around has printed and copy by hand, if necessary). Study and find the answers to the questions and then re-enter the test and fill out your answers and submit. There are two possible submissions but only one is graded. COMPLETE the TEST, do not submit partials. Save each answer to each question as you go along.

These are the Readings updated for the first 6 weeks. RDGS05.doc

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