Saturday, May 21, 2005

TEST 2--please submit! 

Please SAVE each Answer and then press FINISH in order to submit the Test. This is very important in order for me to be able to grade. Please complete your tests. Don't rely on that May 25, 2005 12:00am time because the WebCT software is not completely reliable as to that 12:00 am time, it may close earlier. I would like you to try to complete your tests by Tuesday evening, to be safe.

My MS Word program has been having some corruption problems so I was not able to open a few assignments. If I sent you a note, please resend via WebCT email. My program seems fine now and I have graded all the Assignment 8 & 9 submissions to date.

I will be submitting my grades on Friday, May 27 so please submit everything you need to by Thursday, May 26 by midnight (that will give you a few hours after graduation). Thanks.

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