Saturday, April 24, 2004

Test 2, Research Paper and Presentation 

To all students: I have had all the students in the roster called to come in on Saturday for help. I hope you are one of those students who took advantage of this time. I will also be here on Wednesday evening from 5-9 PM to help students who want to catch up. Thursday April 29 is DROP DATE, with a W as a grade. I have opened the test again for students who couldn't take it. It will only be open until Thursday evening so this will be your last chance to take it. Test 2 will open on May 1st. You will not be able to get extensions on Test 2. Please check this blog regularly and send me email at joy.chase@evc.edu with any questions. I hope you have all completed Assignments 1-7 by now and have your topic approved. Do the steps in the next assignments and send in your completed research paper next week. Start preparing your presentation while you are writing your research paper. The Presentation is weighted as the FINAL so please take time and do it well. I would like the Presentations to be turned it by May 10. Please check the schedule/calendar for updates and for help on the Presentations. I will be posting the presentations here on this blog. You can check the archives for last semester's presentations.

Saturday, April 17, 2004


Please read the assignment carefully. Some students are not interpreting this correctly.

- Choose any topic of interest to you and show how it has been helped or enhanced by the Internet. What has been the effect of the Internet on your topic? How does your topic relate to the Internet? Once your topic is approved, write 10 typed (word processed), double-spaced pages (word count 2500 min.) Include a Works Cited, section which has at least three (3) fully cited web sites plus references to books, magazine articles and any other sources such as email, newsgroups, and newspaper articles. Determine the topic you will be researching and submit first as Assignment 8.

Some topic examples: Genealogy research and how the Internet has changed it.
Learning to play the banjo and how this has changed since the advent of the Internet
Diabetes and how the Internet has changed access and information for patients
Media, before and after the Internet
Advertising and how the Internet has changed it
Banking and how it has changed with the Internet
How the Internet has changed how people receive the news and how information gathered from the news can be vital in education
Finding out more about diseases using the Internet
The Impact of the Internet on the Public Library
In other words, you must show how the Internet has had an impact on your topic. First chose a topic in your head, make it simple, and then show how it was before the Internet and how it is now, since the Internet.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Note re. citation 

In the example below for the Page within a Web Site: please be sure you add the URL at the end. It does not have to be hyperlinked. The article title and the URL title of page should be in quotes. I can't seem to get my blog to show quotes, sorry.

Famous Person assignment tips 

Please remember that the Famous Person assignment holds 50% of its grade for citation of your sources. Check the MLA handout on the Cyberlibrary Internet Links page for more information http://www.evc.edu/instruct_tech/library/handouts/MLA.htm

Some examples are here below. Do not use just the website URL as that is not a complete citation.

Book by a Single Author
Author's Last name, First name (if any). Title of the Book. City of publication: Publisher, Year.

Example: Wilson, Frank R. The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Brain, Language, and Human Culture. New York: Pantheon, 1998.

Article in a Magazine (Monthly/Bimonthly/Quarterly)
Author's Last name, First name. Title of Article. Title of Magazine Month Year: Page numbers.

Example: Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. The Creative Personality. Psychology Today July-Aug. 1996: 36-40.

Page within a Web Site
Author's Last name, First name (if any). Title of Page or Entry. Title of Project or Database.
Name of Editor (if any). Date of last update. Name of Sponsoring Organization (if any).
Date of access and Internet address with brackets.

Example: Dove, Rita. Lady Freedom Among Us. The Electronic Text Center. Ed. David Seaman. 1998.
Alderman Lib., U of Virginia. 19 June 1998 http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/subjects/afam.html.

Check out the Cyberlibrary!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

WEEK TEN and counting down... 

Students: we are in week ten now. This is a critical time in the semester when all the other courses and jobs and family and friends encroach on your time. Remember this three unit class that you have enrolled in.

I have extended the time to take the test until April 19. As I said before, you need to take it by the 18th to meet the automatic deadline. Don't assume that it will be open until midnight of April 20, okay?

Next week you need to check my feedback on your Research Paper and complete it.

I will be working at the library on Saturday April 24 from 10 AM-2 PM. Please come in and get help. You need to drop the class if you cannot catch up with your assignments by the 29th as that is the last day to avoid getting an F. You will get a W indicating withdrawal. Try to get all your work done this weekend. Those of you who are keeping up with the class are doing great! Thank you!