Saturday, December 20, 2003

Happy Holidays! 


Grades Fall 03 Blog.xls These are in an Excel sheet with points for all input during the semester, final points and grades excluding withdrawals/Fs these are the letter grades below:


Here are the presentations for you to see with names attached to the files. When we had a classroom course, the presentations were given in front of the class so this is a virtual presentation. I have not attached the grades, not all the presentations met the guidelines for the research paper. Thank you for completing the end survey, this will help me set up the course for next semester. I will be back on campus on February 5 and I will be working the same reference hours if you wish to come in and discuss the course with me.

Presentation--Connie Chow F03.ppt
Presentation--Kathleen Cavelli F03.ppt
Presentations--Andre Manriquez F03.ppt
Presentations--Angie Hernandez F03.ppt
Presentations--Balbir Ladhar F03.ppt
Presentation Simon Lai F03.ppt
Presentations--Carisa Hickey F03.doc
Presentations--Heidi Anderson F03.doc
presentation--Catia Mendonca F03W.htm

Monday, December 15, 2003

Test 2 results 

HEAN6367 170.00 =91%
KACA2831 154.00 =88%
COCH0070 172.00 =98.5%
HUDE3027 70.00 =40%
ANHE3640 128.00 =73%
CAHI2255 171.00 =98%
DIHO2168 116.0 =66.5%
BALA1240 1 58.0 =90.5%
SILA5067 151.0 =86.5%
ANMA1893 174.00 =99.5%
CAME2778 151.00 =86.5%
CHSI6955 115.0=66%

Sunday, December 14, 2003

End of class 

Presentations: If you have uploaded your presentation please submit a sentence saying “I have uploaded my presentation in Presentation 2” in the Submit Assignments box in order for me to post a grade. The public posting is to share with the class. I have received and viewed the presentations of Kathleen Cavelli, Balbir Ladhar and Catia Mendonca and Simon Lai—please check your emails re. these presentations. Thank you for completing and uploading them.

This is also true of the Discussion. You have to submit, even a sentence for me to enter the grade. Otherwise, I will have to enter it on paper and you won’t be able to view it. OK, I see that none of you have submitted your discussion in the Submit Assignments Boxes, too. I will assign the grades on paper but you will not be able to see it. Everyone who has posted in the discussion area for the Plagiarism, Netiquette and USA PATRIOT Act discussions will get 10 points for each of these postings. The Discussion on Censorship is the same as the PATRIOT Act, I’m sorry if there was some confusion in this case.

I will finish grading the Test 2 on Monday and you should be able to see the grade in Get My Grades. Both Tests are closed. I will post the Test 2 results on this blog, too, as it might not show in My Grades. I have noted that where some questions request two answers webct is only accepting one.

Please complete the End Survey, only 2-3 people have sent that in so far. This is part of class participation and will not be graded. They are sent to me without your name but I can check the list to see who has sent it in or not.

Please check this blog site next weekend for final results. Come into the Library this week if you need help in any way to complete the class. I will be there on Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. I hope you have enjoyed this online experience. It takes a lot of discipline to complete an online class. Congratulations to those of you who have followed the instructions and finished all the assignments and readings. Have a nice break and best wishes for your success in 2004 ! --Joy Chase

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

New Links in Side bar 

Check out the new links I've added to the side bar. The Google News is default. I just added the link to the new Google~Guide to using the search engine Google. Scroll down to see what the ~ can mean to your search capability! Google Guide -- An Interactive Tutorial On Searching With Google(tm)
I've also added a link to our college library home page. You can use this to get to the databases for magazine and newspaper articles, too

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Discussion Posts 

There are three Discussions that you need to post to 1)Plagiarism--most of you have already posted here. 2) Netiquette--some of you have posted. Check the textbook website for information on etiquette for the net. 3) the USA PATRIOT Act. This act has been hotly debated for many months and some amendments are now pending. Check the American Library Association website for updates with a link to ALA's Resolution on the Act and a link to a PDF version of the Act, too. On November 18, 2003 the American Library Association President Dr. Carla Hayden submitted a public Statement to a judicial committee hearing on the USA PATRIOT Act entitled "America after 9/11: Freedom Preserved or Freedom Lost?" These are on just one section of the Act, please do research on other aspects and discuss in the virtual classroom. Please also cross post in the Submit Assignments area so that I can post a grade for you to see in Get My Grades. Thanks.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Information Competency/Literacy 

Assignment 10. Read through the nine tutorials on this CSU site and answer the following questions: What is Information Literacy/Competency? List the four (4) parts to Information Competency and explain them in your own words. Write at least one (1) page on the topic.

Alternatively, you can use The CD ROM : “The Path to Knowledge and Power is Information Literacy” by Joy Chase which is available loaded in the Evergreen College Library electronic research area (computer lab). Students can study the CD ROM there, in the library.

The Association for College and Research Libraries (a division of the American Library Association), has determined the standards for Information Literacy.

Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. It is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self-directed, and assume greater control over their own learning. An information literate individual is able to:

Determine the extent of information needed ( Defining an Information Search. The query, or choosing your topic of interest and defining it, is the first important aspect of information literacy. You must carefully select your question and create subject words and keywords around it to help you do your research.)

Access the needed information effectively and efficiently ( Do your search and research).

Evaluate information and its sources critically. These sites on Evaluation are the most important : Critically Analyzing Information Sources; a link to Cornell’s tutorials on evaluation; Evaluating Web Resources by Jan Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate, Wolfgram Memorial Library, Widener University; A Guide to Critical Thinking About What You See on the Web.

Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base (Use it!)
Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose (write your paper, answer your questions)

Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally (see assignments on the USA PATRIOT Act, Plagiarism, etc.)

Our goal in this class is for every student to become information competent!

The Research Paper 

Some of you are having problems understanding the Research Paper assignment, or you cannot find it! It is under Modules on the Course Content page. You may have printed off this page the first week and then not referred to it again. You need to use the hyperlinks. The Research Paper Assignment Please use this guide. If you have not submitted your topic, please do so this week. Thank you.

Test 1 and Test 2 and Happy Thanksgiving! 

As I mentioned in my email before the holiday, I am having some problems with the software posting grades for the test. In fact, I posted a great score for the only student who received 100% again last week and it disappeared and I had to re-grade the test. So, here I am giving you a link to the Test 1 grades which I have copied immediately after re-grading and re-checking for you.Test 1 grades F03.txt I will do the same for Test 2, sooner. Please give me feedback on it, sooner! Test 2 closes on November 5. Please complete and submit by the 4th because of time differences between the remote server and us. Also, don't forget to submit the test. I cannot grade unless the test is submitted. There is a problem on one question which asks about the guidelines for citation. The test will only take one answer instead of two. I will correct this question as having only one answer. Thanks. Now, we only have less than three weeks left. Get it all in, this is an easy class to get a good grade in because you just have to complete the homework, tests and the research paper. Let's get our Presentations done early so that we can get some feedback from our classmates and so that everyone can get a chance to see your work.